Hey y'all, 
I'm Sausha!

I’m your go-to gal for all things sales, with over 20+ years in sales and about a decade of coaching entrepreneurs. I'm an adventure junkie, fun-seeking mom of 4 littles, living the ranch life in beautiful Southern Oregon. I spend my days with my free range kids, riding horses, feeding my chickens & ducks or tending to my garden.

I hold the title of being the first in my family to graduate from high school, then college, and yes, to hit that elusive six-figure mark. Now, I'm well on my way to hit a million, and I'm loving/hating every second of this wild ride haha. 

If you're tired of sleazy sales tactics and those 1-2-3 steps to success B.S., then I'm the gal for you! I run a full-service coaching and consulting agency that tailors your sales process to fit exactly what you want and need, so you can actually have the life and business of your dreams.

Fun fact: I was once a therapeutic horseback riding instructor for kids with disabilities, a role I adored and hope to return to someday. My big vision is to open my own center someday! I stumbled into the world of coaching quite by chance when I found my first coach, then waved goodbye to my burnout-inducing corporate gig.

So, if you're on the hunt for a mentor who brings a fun, mother-loving twist to scaling your business, let's chat! I'm here to make it exciting and meaningful, just how it should be.


Check out what other women had to say!

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I attended a retreat recently because I was looking for a time to grow and relax without having to stress over normal day activities and responsibilities.​ I LOVED the whole thing! I especially loved the connections that were made with the other women there.​ 
I have been working really hard to make conscious decisions when it comes to my own health and wellness. I have also been much more targeted and strategic within my business. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing experience. It was life changing for sure!

Marissa Rehder

The Inspiration Haven

“ (1)

I have so much more energy and I’m way happier. I have the tools now to notice when I’m about to have a panic attack and I know how to cope. I am able to notice what is triggering me and causing me to fall into old habits. I am able to see when I’m unmotivated and know how to switch it up. I am able to ask for help and realize that I do not have to have my shit together for everyone all the time.

Jeana Hamman

Personal Trainer

“ (1)

I have struggled with everyday life for a long time... two jobs, a 3 year old, dogs, fiancé, dishes need done, laundry.... need to make dinner... ugh!... it’s never ending!... Sausha has helped me manage my time appropriately and stick to it!... make a schedule and follow through with the schedule!...Before signing up with her I thought multitasking was just normal... come to find out it is not!... She told me you can’t give your all to everything or everyone at once!... take it one task at a time and that way every task is getting your all instead of just pieces!... it’s taken an adjustment and I still have much to learn but I’m learning that it’s actually working and I LOVE IT!...Thank you Sausha for helping me realize this and can’t wait I see what the future holds with my happier self!

Sonja Shea


Want to know more about working with Sales Mama? 

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Sales Mama Is Your One-Stop-Shop for All Things Sales

Let's Get You More Clients without Wasting Your Precious Time! 

Sales doesn't have to be complicated or sleazy. I believe it can be quite the opposite! Sales Mama is here to make sales FUN and EASY so you still have time to spend with your family (or horses) while still being able to make the type of hard-earned money you deserve. 

It all starts here! 

We offer DIY, Group, 1:1 Training and provide Sales Setters & Closers to help you scale your business. 

Sales Mama Sales Kit

Perfect your script and follow up process so you can close more deals. 

Sales Mama School 

No more 'bro-marketing' strategies. Use your mama-energy to create a sales process that works FOR you. 

Sales Mama Team 

When your ready to hire a team, you don't have to look far! Sales Mama has Setters and Closers ready to help you scale. 

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